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Facebook down for users globally, WhatsApp, Instagram affected too

प्रकाशित मिति : १ बैशाख २०७६, आईतवार १७:४७

Facebook is currently facing a global outage. The desktop version of Facebook isn’t working for some users in India, but the mobile app remains unaffected.

According to down detector, a website that tracks outages, Facebook has been facing problems since 6:28 AM EDT which is 4:00 PM IST in India. The live outage map by down detector shows that users are affected mostly in parts of the US, Malaysia, and Turkey.

A report by The Verge says that users are facing problems with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. At the time of writing this story, Instagram and WhatsApp appear to be working fine.

Starting from 4:00 pm, Facebook on desktop stopped working and has been fluctuating ever since. The website is taking time to load even if it shows up on browser.

प्रकाशित मिति : १ बैशाख २०७६, आईतवार १७:४७


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१. शेखर रेग्मी- प्रधान सम्पादक
२. मीनकुमार नवोदित- सम्पादक
३. गोपाल पोखरेल- सह सम्पादक
४. सुशिला पाठक- कार्यकारी सम्पादक
५. धिरज दाहाल- समाचार संयोजक
६. सुशान्त रिजाल- प्रबन्ध निर्देशक
७. आशिष भट्टराई- निर्देशक



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